Ops! breaks in the jewels market with its new revolutionary style. It all started in 2011. The classic jewelry standards are reinterpreted in a contemporary tone. Opsobjects fashion concept contrasts with goldsmith’s cliché and proposes a new mean of charming femininity which abandons any kind of ostentations choosing for a new point of view.


The brand creations are characterized by a unique POP personality, thanks to the use of innovative materials (like the silicon) and the mix of different textures. 


All the products present a wide chromatic range and the color is well covered both in the details and diversity, in accordance with all other brands value as well. 


The brand redesigns the most classical jewelry shapes and standards, and its originality comes up both in the collections design and in marketing strategy. 


Every OPS! product is the perfect synthesis of different inspirations and moods, aiming at always being a trend-setter. (Sparkling stones on unrefined materials, multisensorial products, etc.)