OPSOBJECTS was born in 2010. The mix of specific competences, from the design to its popularity to the market recognition, takes OPSOBJECTS to an international fashion design status. Its distribution channel has expanded from Europe to United States and further reach China, Hong Kong and Philippine in 2012. OPSOBJECTS brings harmony and inspiration to different culture cross borders, and it is a symbol of the most fashionable object to everyone at any age. And it is the most energetic and cool brand which leading the cool city of Italy. All these great values of OPSOBJECTS have diversified its creation from watches to famous fashion accessories and yet more to come.


The city, the distances, the time that sets the endless rhythm of the streets, of the lights, of people voices, the alternate of day and night , the hands that meet each other, the smell of the concrete and of the first raindrops that hit the ground. 

The diversities and the mystery of the metropolis, the sensuality and the intimacy of the seconds that mark the emotions of the lives that populate it.

Company timeline

  • 2010 January OPS!Objects is born
  • 2010 June OPS!Objects goes abroad. From Italy to Spain, France, China, Portugal and Greece
  • 2011 January Launch of OPS!Objects jewels collection
  • 2011 February OPS!Flat a MoMa New York
  • 2011 September Be open minded, WHITE Milano, Vicenza Oro & Who's Next Paris
  • 2012 July Over 1.000.000 OPS! bracelets sold in Italy only
  • 2012 November Social network phenomenon: over 10 million people per month
  • 2013 August Leader of italian jewelry & bijoux market
  • 2014 November +300% watches turnover
  • 2015 April Internationalization of the brand: distribution in Europe & America
  • 2015 November OPS!LIFE, the first Opsobjects smart jewel
  • 2016 January The brand new LUX collection and introduction of metal in Opsobjects collections
  • 2016 May Launch of the fidelity program OPS!Reward 
  • 2016 June OPS!Posh, the first unisex watch
  • 2016 September Fedez and his new style code for ADV 2016/2017 campaign 
  • 2016 October Ops affirms as social media phenomenon: over 435K on Facebook and  150K on Instagram 


Mission & Vision


To understand the essence of the city, the harmony of the voices buzz, the horns at traffic lights, the steps at the crossroads. To reveal the secret of the magnetic melancholy that makes you feel at home. 

To reflect into the watch and into the jewel, the breath of the city, the contrast between day and night that creates the sunset, the buildings that light upcoming mysteriously to life.


To discover a new time, much slower, made of emotions, heartbeats and breath.